Restaurant / pub

Okay, i failed my previous project that was “flying lizard”.
It was not enought intresting that I would like to continue modeling it. So I will probably upload it to my “free models” page.

I started another project and it has been funny to model so I think that I will finish it also. It will be blender internal project and I am trying to model it as well as I can. Will see what I got until its completed.

Here is some project pictures:


very nice work there mate! you should include it in a western themed game/animation

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
But here is some more pictures I have done today.

looks awesome! Very good modelling. Love to see how this will turn out. Keep it up!

Sam M, thank you a lot! :slight_smile:

Updating again. I am not so sure about the floor, but lets see how it works. I did made it with array so this adds lot of more verticles to the scene.

I’d personally go with a wooden floor. it fits the ‘turn of the century’ feel of the peice. the tiles feel out of place, somewhat. plus it will lower the vertex count if you UV map a decent wood texture.

Is the Moosehead intended to be comidic? If you’re going for a realistic moose, the mouth does not go that far back. The Jawbone goes way back, but the mouth only goes 1/4 to 1/3 of the way back of the head

Yeah, it is meaned to be comedic. I wanna put into my works that kind of “eastern eggs” so people have fun while watching them and I dont get so bored when I model it. :slight_smile:

beginning to look nice

1- the moose has a smile ! hum don’t know !

2 - the barrel are way too shiny reduce mirror

later you can begin adding some texturing

but don’t know if you want a realist look here?

Hey Ricky. You are one of the guys in blenderartists that I respect a lot because I have seen that you always help orhers. :slight_smile:

I am not sure will this scene be realistic or cartoonic. Actually i have not yet made my choise. Maybe it will be some “almost realistic” or something like that.
I know that the moose will split the people in the two camps. The ones who loves it and the ones who wants to shoot it again with shotgun. :stuck_out_tongue: I dont wanna change it yet. If I have so good reason to do it as realistic, then maybe. But i hate particle work in blender and all kind of furry and grass works makes me want to cut my own hair and stick it to the computer screen. :slight_smile:

Shiny look of the barrels is because of the lighting, from that view the shados looks like reflections.

The next problem is maybe the doors of kitchen. They looks too modern maybe but i have not idea what kind of doors i want to do then.

bahahahaha. sooooooo true.

Small updates with the railings. They were too low. :slight_smile: I started also modeling the bottles. It seems to be one of the really big work.

it’s just that a moose with a smile dont’ make it look real more cartoon like i guess
but if you like it - it’s you choice

right now you render look more a sort of clay render which is fine if that’s what you want

there is a script i think to male scratches on faces
let me know if you want it

handrail it hink on the left is way too big and square!

are you going to show some kitchen equipments around?

keep going it’s looking nice

but if you make a new version with nice textures it should look also very nice

you can find other general 3D objects at blendswap to add if you need to!

happy 2.5

The moose does not need to look cartoon or real, it is more some kind of plastic model in their wall. Owner of this pub has little bit bad sense of style so he has some weird stuff in his restaurant. :slight_smile:
I will probably add some more that kind of objects here until I have little time and figure out what they can be.

I am trying to make this that it looks like that there is shown the ideas of the owners wife and his own ideas. The moose is definitely his own idea. I am actually thinking that the name of this restaurant is something like “laughting moose”. Then the shield and the moose will swap their places.

They are almost clay renders because I have not yet started doing the materials or textures except in some of the objects that are very rarely around.

You’re right about the handrail, ill fix it.

I think that i will not model the kitchen, but some equipments I will do around when i get an ideas what they can be. (i need to watch lot of reference images from google.)

like i said check out blenderswap for other objects
there are 100’s there available or you can make your own!

like cofee machine expresso ect
toaster grill ect,

i like to make a restaurant like that
i remember one that we design and built a few years ago

but that’s a lot of work to add all the equipment around
may be later this year i’ll take the time to make a restaurant!

i’ll keep wathching what yo come up with later on

have fun with blender

I wanna model everything by myself, because i must learn for using blender. When i know that i can do what ever I want to, then I can dowload the models for saving the time in some situations. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to look what kind of restaurant you would model. Ill keep my eyes open to see when you start doing it. :slight_smile:

Here is little bit some mixing of the ideas.

I started modeling a gun for the bar keeper.

The gun is now completed. I did not wanted to use too much of time for this kind of small detail so it looks little bit of a toy. :slight_smile:

Great looking project so far. Keep 'em coming!

a gun
ok restaurant owner usually don’t have gun here in our country
but nice looking gun

i tough this was for the customers to shoot their own turkey or moose LOL

can you explain why the ceiling in corridor is so wavy and bluish or only an experimentation?

keep up the good work

That corridor looks sweet dude…little out of place but i understand why you are puuting all of it in there