Restaurant Table

Here’s my new scene, I’ve been working on for 1 week now and I’d like to know what do you think about it :wink:

I think that looks nice; quite well composed. The lighting is very pleasant as well. If you were wanting a suggestion of something you could add, it might be interesting to add a bit of green to the scene, like a mint leaf or a bit of parsley on the plate. Could make an interesting contrast to the rest of the reddish light in the scene. It might be too distracting though, so you would have to see.

Nicely done so far. I’m curious on how you did the glassware. I’ve had issues in my project with the clear glasses being dark on the bottom, but I see yours are crystal clear and look quite nice. Curious on your node set up for the glass and if you did any special tweeks to the render settings.

I like the smooth and nice colors of your image. I also made wine glasses one time, so here’s a very helpful article about making fluids in drinking glasses more realistic:

You basically remove that white border and expand the red color all the way to the outside edges of the glass by overlapping the fluid object and the glass object.

You’ll get this effect:

But again, you created a wonderful atmosphere.

Thank you ArtOfLife! I’ll try that and I’ll see if I keep it or not, I think it’s gonna be too distracting as well, but It could be a focal point to the eye so It could work :slight_smile:

Thanks harleynut97! Here’s my node setup, It’s been quite hard because I had the same issue as you with the glass being dark on the bottom, so I’ve look to many articles and I’ve done that :

Thank you Cebbi! I’ve read the article but as I’m french, It’s gonna take me a bit more time to understand it, but I’ll post a new render soon with this technique :slight_smile: It’ll look better I think :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments, I’ve tried what you told me but here are the things that did not work: the idea to add mint leaf was great, but I thought that only a mint leaf would look weird, it goes with a dish. And to ameliorate the glass, my wine hasn’t any glass shader and I’ve tried to scale up the wine container to fit between the glass walls but it didn’t look real, the material wasn’t done for this technique I guess. What I’ve changed was the darkness between the plates and the tray: I’ve made it lighter. I’ll post a new render soon!

Sorry this is a bit late, for some reason the e-mail subscription didn’t work, but you’re welcome :slight_smile: You probably are right about the mint; I guess it probably would have to go with a dish to look right. That’s an interesting setup for the glass shader; I haven’t seen one like that before. It’ll be neat to see how the new render looks.

Thank you for taking the time to post the node set up for the glass. I’ll give it a try. This a link to the scene I was having with the glass base darkness

I wonder if you experimented at all with any kind of pattern with some color on the plates and bowl

Here’s the new render! I made the compositing in Photoshop this time and I think it’s better :slight_smile:

Looks good, that’s interesting to see how the darker colors change it.

This’s so much amazing !!!