Restitut... does it even work anymore?

So I’m trying to get back into making games, haven’t messed around with Blender seriously since 2.25. I’ve got a basic concept for a game, but I’ve run into a really stupid hitch.

I can’t change the amount an object bounces.

I’ve tried adding materials to both the dynamic object and the ground, and the restitut value in the material buttons does NOTHING. I can’t make it have absolutely no bounce, nor can I make it bounce higher. When I switch to sumo, it works like I remember it working, but Bullet… nope.

Is there another way of doing it? I’ve made sure my ground object was a cube rather than just a plane… not sure what else there is. Anybody know anything about this?

Simply because restitut in Blender 2.5 is broken

Hello Pooba,
welcome back!
As Mico27 said, restitut function is broken in 2.45.
Use 2.44 to keep working, while waiting for a new version, it seems that exciting
things will happen?!

Sigh…report it to the bugtracker. I wish that the game engine could be improved without simultaneously being broken.

Anyway, good to see you again, Pooba.

Just to say that our beloved “Master of the ENGINE” himself, it’s aware of this minor glitch and it’s very easy to solve HE said! :slight_smile: