Restless texture

(MoreK) #1

I created a nice rust effect with two textures: rust image and stucci texture with very small NoiseSize (0.004). I used “Nor” button with stucci. It looks great, and does not reflect much light - exactly what I wanted. But… when I’m animating the object, this stucci stuff does not keep still on the object, but changes a little in every frame, making the movie very… restless, you know what I mean?

Any ideas?

Oh yes and other question: When using UV mapping, how do you smooth edge between two textures/faces? E.g. if you have another texture for lips it looks weird if the edge between lips and other skin is razor-sharp.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

(stephen2002) #2

so the texture looks like it is shimmering? That is due to the fact that the size of the indivdual bumps are smaller than the pixles, so you get no bump or all bump in each pixle. My recomendation would be to increase the size of that bump map or decrease the Nor value or something.

You can always not make it reflect very much light by reducing the Spec.

For your UV question, you can’t really. Not without applying some sort of alpha gradient to the edges, etc etc. For a face, you can just paint one of those steam-rolled face things and UV map that instead of each element separatly.

(VelikM) #3

If you want to use a Procedural texture with out it moving when you render it as an animation, render the texture as a still image then apply it as a image texture.

(theeth) #4

well, if it’s a procedural, it will only move for one of those reasons:

  • it’s mapped with WIN, REFL, NOR or GLOB
  • you’re anymating the mesh structure data
  • the texture’s texel are smaller than a pixel

if not, it shouldn’t move


(stephen2002) #5

Noise is the only procedural texture that is animated. none of the others are.