Restore Default Settings


I have looked all over and cannot find how to restore default settings (OS-X Blender 242). I’ve deleted and re-installed but still have the dumb settings I changed to.:frowning:

Any help appreciated.

You have to delete a file called .B.blend, which should be stored in your home directory.

Thanks. I missed the fact it was a hidden file! All back to normal!

How do you delete a hidden file???

I see the file in the Blender menu, but can’t find it outside of Blender…as to trash it.



I’ve searched Home with the “search invisble files” option turned on and it does not show anywhere…even though it shows in the Blender File->Open menu.


you have to go into folder options, then view then theres a point where its says view hidden files and folders, you have to check that. i only turn t on when i need to because it clutters everything for me. that is on windows i dont no much about macs