Restore restitution - Fixed! But where do I get the code?

For over a month blender has had broken restitution. We need to figure out how to fix it, as the programmers don’t set the game engine as a high priority. Fixed restitution will allow not just for better games but also for 3d rendered animations.

Are you volunteering?

I’d like to but I don’t know how the program is put together. Erin Catto found a fix, but it doesn’t work.

Once it’s fixed I can write a patch called “superball” in which setting the elasticity above 1.0 makes superballs, that bounce off everything [email protected] or so.

Erwin said this will be fixed, I’m using the latest GE branch release and it seems to be working fine.

Where can I get that branch, the SVN doesn’t have working elasticity.

Zaghaghi’s website has the latest GE release. You can find the link in his profile.

I would like to get the source to modify it to include realistic rotation and custom collision margin. Where can I do that, and how can I install the source. I am a noob at Blender making.