restoring and recovering .blend files

(Kogomat) #1


My whole system crashed recently, I lost most of my work and all backups I copied got corrupted.

Blender shows thumbnails but it says that it cannot read the files - “format is not supported”

  1. Is there any method to brute-force files to open or… something?

I should have uncorrupted files on the mirrored RAID disk that is now not being used
2. Do you know any software that can recover deleted blend files?

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

append is the closest brute force i know of.

i backup to a flash drive and a mostly unplugged hdd, that way its isolated from disaster.

(Kogomat) #3

Since it seems to be a dead end I’ll just add that that is what I did.

The copies on the external disk were corrupted. Possibly microvibrations from the machine, because disk check revealed no bad sectors.