Restoring deleted camera presets in 2.8 - IPhone X

Hi, I’ve accidentally deleted the IPhone X camera preset in blender 2.8 when doing camera tracking. I can’t seem to get it back. Even restoring default and new build. Any ideas? Thanks


Indeed, that’s not the first time I see this problem, I don’t understand why deleting a released preset is doable with only one button, it seems crazy ^^

I think the only solution is to redowload a whole blender installation, and copy the file you need.
(You can find it in your_blender_install_path/2.80/scripts/presets/camera/

I could send to you the file you need, but in my blender 2.8 install, I only have iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, no X

See you ++

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m on a Mac and as soon as I download a new build, blender automatically syncs my preferences so it’s still not there unfortunately. I’m finding it difficult to find the required camera specs for the X but I’m wondering if anyone knew if having a dual lenses would make things different?

Download the standalone, not the installer.