Restrict movement using TrackTo Actuator

Is there a way to restrict tracking movement to a specific axis using the TrackTo Actuator?

I think if you parent an object directly above (on the z axis) the original object and then add a actuator to track to that object on the +z axis before your other actuator it shouldn’t do backflips or anything. Either that or add the actuator below your current one.


What is “tracking movement”? What do you mean by “tracking movement”?

I have a gun mounted on a base and the base is mounted to the wall. I would like the base to follow on the x axis and the gun to follow on the z axis. Using the TrackTo actuator in 3d the object will follow the object on all axis. I would like for it to follow on a single axis.

Hi Hunter! Have you tried the “constraint” actuator in combination with “track to” actuator? I think it should work!

Ok! Look at the .blend below and please say what do you think.


turret.blend (34.8 KB)

Thanks for trying, still not limited to only the z axis

Hey does anybody can help us here? We need some tips on constraints!

Please look at the picture!

Thank you!