Restrict movement

I’ve tried some animations, but i cant get it working correctly. This is the problem i’ve run into.
I’ve animated two of the legs, but now i want the base to move upwards and forwards, while the other legs follow along except for the feet which stay stationary.

I’ve tried to just move everything and adjust, but no matter what i do, the feet always move a little, or wiggle back or forth, etc. Is there some way i can “Attach” them to the floor, while still having the legs follow the body? I probably haven’t rigged it properly. I hope it shows how i’ve rigged it. I haven’t used any constraints, just locked the rotations so they move properly. I attached a picture of the rig, and a small video of the animation

Any ideas? (51.7 KB)

Okey, i sort of got that sorted now. I added a few new bones that connected the main bone with the leg bones. However, after that, at some point, i cant get it back to the rest position!
Clearing transforms either does nothing, or changes it to a weird position. If i go to the rest position, it looks the way it is, but i cant keyframe that, or in any way get it to stay that way. Is there a way?

I checked before that all of the scales and rotations for the bones and objects were applied and set to 0/1. Is there anything else that could have happened?

Okey, i sorted that out aswell, turns out that when i moved some of the bones to another layer, since i didn’t use them, they got twisted somehow. So when i used clear rotations on all the bones in that layer aswell, it fixed the problem.

Sorry for spamming the forum with silly questions =)