Restricted Glow in Compositor

Hi everyone, is there a way how to use Fog Glow only on a selected colour in Compositor? I want to glow the blue LCD eyes on a white robot but white colour glows much sooner than blue … any solutions?

Sincerely, Jan

Use an emission shader for the eyes with a strength higher than 1. Intensities can exist beyond the 0-1 range of your final output, so while your white point might be rgb(1, 1, 1), you can have a blue light at, for example, rgb(6, 6, 21).

Hi mate, thx for the reply but that does not solve my problem cause when I use high strength the object lits the scene much - I need only a low light but with reasonable glow. Tried it Your way and also the threshold is the problem because the white appears sooner in FogGlow unless using a really high values for strength (and with that high the blue does not look blue anymore).

you can use the render layers !!! separate your eyes in a new layer , this helps you control anything without effecting the rest of the scene !!!

Create an object or material id pass for LCD screen. use that as a mask for glare node

Mix value in glare node is 1.
Hope it helps!!

Yep? And how I combine it without afffecting the rest of the scene? Btw STOP SHOUTING AT ME!!!

you combine at via an alpha over,
the eyes layer wont contine but the eyes with an alpha background, youll placet apove the normal scene and adjust it to what ever you like,

!!! ??? i dont understand what you mean by “Btw STOP SHOUTING AT ME!!!”

What I mean? All those exclamation marks of Yours… try to understand that this is not a usual way to give an advice or to communicate at all (take a look at all the other answers).

Could U provide some example .blend or some? Im not that good in compositor - already tried to make more layers and mix them but the result wasnt good.

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Hi tested Yo settings but I dont see anything after using the ID Mask with the MatID. Could be the problem that in front of the material there are others? Mean I could see the blue eyes but they are behind the glass material Sumit.

REM: Yep, tested and materials in front makes problems so any other idea?

You have to use render layers.
First duplicate the screen and move it to another render layers.Apply glare to it and composite back on the first render layer.
This is the only solution I can think of now…
Id passes only work when camera rays hit them directly hence they won’t show through transparent , reflecting and refracting object…

Yep, U R right Sumit. I have to multiplicate it with the original render and use the glow for the 2nd layer and then add it back so Yo nodetree was super-useful - THX both!

oh sorry for that, i really didnt know this

ah … her is a blend file i hope i am not to late
layerseparation.blend (491.2 KB)

No matter its for Internal Yo nodes working fine - THX!

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your welcome :slight_smile: