Restricting a proportional edit move? (Non-sculpt answers)

I’ve got this situation:

I’d like to move the selected vertices outward, as indicated, with a proportional fall-off, but have the indicated vertices in the lower left not affected at all. Currently, while the proportional edit works, its range extends further than I’d like.

What would be the good way to restrict proportional movement to the desired vertices?

While I can adjust the sphere of influence with the scroll wheel, I’d like to also have a way to just designate “dont’ affect THIS”. --I guess Hiding would work, but then I’d lose the visual cues that are rather handy.

You could create a vertex group for the verts you want to keep, invert, create a shape key and assign that vert group. Now any changes you make with proportional edit would leave those verts alone.

Alternatively you can select the verts, hit h to hide them, make your changes and alt-h.

Hiding already mentioned by @dan2 is one option (that’s what hiding is supposed to be for - not being affected by tools). But since a workaround was also mentioned, here’s another one: temporarily split the edges where you want to stop the influence and switch proportional editing to ‘Connected’. After you’re done, merge the verts back.

Proportional editing stops at the boundaries of key shapes? :astonished:

Yup, if you assign a vert group to the shape key then any editing on that shape is only going to have an effect on the vert group.

Just hide the unwanted part (H button in edit mode to hide and ALT + H to unhide the whole mesh)


  1. Are there any addon tools that allow you to Select entities (usually verts) and have a falloff that occurs across >only< the Selected items?

IOW, it’s still proportional, but doesn’t affect unSelected items at all?

  1. Are there transform (L/R/S) tools that take into account a weight map?
  1. Not that I’m aware of. Such add-on, if it existed, either would have to re-implement the whole transform system and be abysmally slow, or resort to some ugly trickeroo.
  2. No. Well, yes, but it’s clunky. It’s the Hook modifier. Which would involve creating the weight paint, going to object mode, adding control object, setting up the modifier, and transforming the control object.

Try out this addon -

super easy to add deformers, and paint weight maps. Kind of like clusters in maya or hooks, but waaay more usable in production.


SoftMod looks like the ticket. Thanks!

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