Restricting Bones

This might be a silly question, but how do I restrict a bone?
If I’m creating 2 machine parts that rotate but have no ball joint, how can I pull this off?

Thanks for any and all help.


In the tool bar below the 3d window, you can change the rotation point with rotation scale pivot tool. The restriction tools are called constraints. select the object (armature), select pose mode, select the bone, then you will have a new box called add constraints. Lots of choices , a ball joint like on a car …humm… If I understand what you want just extrude the tip of the bone in edit mode into a second bone . It will rotate on the first,

Thank you
I did find RigidBody Joint, but it seems to do nothing. I set the AxY to 45, thinking it would restrict the movement but it does not. I’m in the right direction.

BTW, I didn’t want a ball joint. I wanted a bone that would hinge but not rotate. Or rotate but not in all directions.
Should I be using bones for this? Or just constraints?

Like setting it’s X axes to 90 degrees and turning off the Y and Z movement.

you can use bones , and add a constraint : limit rotation and you can turn of the Y and Z movement there

Unfortunately the Rigid Body Joint constraints only work in the game engine.

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Well that explains it. I’m coming from a Max/Carrara background. They get applied immediately there.
So it’s useless to use them for rigging then.