Restricting cycles modifier on F-curve - Blender 2.90 - Camera animation

I have created a scene of a corridor. I added a camera with noise and travels on the “Y” axis. The scene has 1000 frames. I have set keypoints on frames 1 and 80 for the movement. I have added a “cycles” modifier in order to have the movement on the “Y” axis repeat itself. I want the movement to stop at frame 475 so I have set the restrict frame range to end at 475. The movement on the “Y” axis doesn’t stop at frame 475. I have searched this website, and can only find answers that are a few years old and mention what I have done. What settings am I missing to have the cycles stop at frame 475? Included is an image of my settings. Thanks!

Cycles modifier issue|690x377

Works here.
the extrapolation mode of the y-location-channel (shift-e) is set to constant.

Thanks for your reply mate. My channel is set to linear as I need to have it move forward smoothly. I see in your graph that in fact your end frame is there. Are you using Blender 2.90? I have been playing with settings for hours and I still can’t get it to stop at the location I want. Cheers.

yes 2.90.
you could set the channel to constant, but the key’s themselves (v) to vector, maybe that helps. In your screenshot i can only see the timerange in the graph-editor till frame~300,
but there are more keys in the timeline…

OK I am making progress. I set the channel to constant and the modifier to cycles. The movement forward stops at frame 480 now but goes back to the beginning. I would like to have it stop in place at 480 so I can pan to the left then to the right and then have the camera resume forward. Included is a screenshot. Thanks mate.

is there a reason to use the modifier? why not keying it all with (vector-) keys at the correct frame?

Great minds think alike!! I just did that and used normal keyframes. I wanted to use the modifier to see if there was a better and easier way to come up with the desired effect but with all the time I put into it, I see that keyframes are the way to go for me. Thanks for your time mate, I really appreciate it.