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Hello Blender users!

I’m sharing the images that I did for a contest (Contest Cabin - Ander Alencar). I used Blender 2.82, Cycles Render and Blender Compositing to the final touch.

I used the LINEAR and LINEAR ACES system color, export both results and blended as Overlay 40% (ACES result over) to get the final result.

ACES Render result | LINEAR render result | Mix of both results (final image)

Some people be surprised when I tell that I used Blender Composting and getting this results, I don’t understand why, because is a really powerfull solution that we can apply for a single image as well a ensay or video with amazing quality. This tool allow us to create a lot of images (or video) with the same mood, same pallete color or use keyframes to create a sequence variation for editting images. I’m using Blender Compositing more and more and I will continue using!
Of course it have a lot of problems or solutions that isn’t good or pratical when compared with other softwares.
One feature that I’m waiting for is a way to freeze parcial result to not re-process all the nodes after little changes that we do. For example, usually I started compositing process with the Denoise node (Intel Open Image Denoise) and this node is really slow to process. The problem is that the Denoise Node will be recalculated every time that I add a new node or change some value from other node. The same thing happens with others slow nodes process as Glares or Blur nodes. If we can freeze the a node result and reprocess only the nodes that comes after the selected node, the process will be more fast and practical and, consequently, Blender Compositing will be more used!
If you know a solution like that I described, please let me know!

So, Blender compositing is very good, but can be better!

I hope that you liked the images and I’m available for any questions!


It looks very nice! Good job. What kind of texturing did you apply to the snow?

Unfortunately what you’re asking for is compositor caching. AFAIK nobody is working on it. A simple but cumbersome workaround is to save an image where you want the caching to happen and replace part of your nodes with the saved image.

Thank you @Blendaboy. I just used a procedural and small noise texture as bump. The snow flakes are from the Displacement modifier with a wood texture with a small size. The snow material is really simple, just subsurface scattering in 1.0 and all radius in 0.6 :smiley:

I’m sharing the displacement texture:

@cdog thanks for reply!
About to save the partial result, it isn’t a good process, even more that you are using a different exposure or gamma from default. When you re-import the partial result the image comes with a different expo…
As well, when we save a image as PNG we lost the 32bit info and if we use the EXR, the file will require a lot of memory.

Do you know if its possible to create a solution as a addon?

How did you add the snow to the trees?

I assume it’s possible to create an addon to automate this, but I’m no coder. Alternatively you can try Natron which is an open source compositor with caching or Fusion which is free for personal use.

I see :smiley:. It looks pretty cool together with the whole scene but if you added some abnormalities such as small bumps and differences in height in the ground it would have added more to the scene. Great job though :relieved:

hey @JoelEapen. I used a add-on called Real Snow, its free!
This add-on use a metaballs to criate the snow mesh.
PS: I changed the default snow material in this images.

@cdog, thanks for the sugestions! I’m learning Fusion and DaVinci, so soon I will check this for post-prodution :smiley:
About Natron, I didn’t know this software, thanks for share :smiley:

Thanks for the critique, @Blendaboy! I used this variations in the first plane of the main images, but a didn’t in the ground close of the cabin ><
So, when I rendered the images close to the cabin, this fails becomes more evident :’(

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Yes i see it in the first image, but still you did a good job overall :slightly_smiling_face:

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I featured you on BlenderNation :tada: Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks @bartv!

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