Results of Digital Papercraft Seminarweek

I work for the ETH Zürich, also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences based in Switzerland in the Department of Architecture where I run the digital workshop of the Raplab (Rapid Architectural Prototyping Laboratory).

Every semester we run a seminarweek on a specific topic. This year we split up and had one half of the sudents do manual papercrafting and the other half we had MAS students from the Digital Fabrication Institute DFAB working on Digital Papercrafting with myself as expert.

I taught the students, that had no prior knowledge of Blender, polygon modeling and UV-unwrapping and gave them an overview what Blender is able to provide. The students had to create a costume where they fit into. We bought a lot of cardboard and used our CNC cutting plotters and lasercutters to cut the unwrapped pieces.

After assembly we had some really cool costumes. All work is under CC 4 License for everybody to download, modify and reshare.

Check out the work that was produced in one week here: ETHZ D-Arch Raplab HS15 Seminarweek Digital Papercraft

Here the Suzanne Dress, created by Katrin Hochschuh, dedicated to the Blender Community