Results of my very first job

Hello there, a month ago I finished my very first job in project (yay), though, there wasn’t a lot of modelling, mostly it was fixing works of other people.

In this project i had to: model train retarder (i hope this is how it translates correctly), animate scene with it, also animate scene with another train detail and with train traffic light, but, considering that all people here working in 3Ds Max and Maya, I also had to import it into Blender and make it work and (mostly) look properly, aaaaand… considering that models, that they already had lots (LOTS) of mistakes, i also had to fix them.

After finishing it I (obviously) wanted to publish them in my portfolio, but the thing is - everything was done in rush, when i begun working deadline already were close, besides, videos were done for schools sooo… customer didn’t had any special requirements considering quality, all they wanted is precision in working mechanisms… so it’s mean that scenes look… not that great for portfolio (at least by my opinion).

So I done some more polishing, added a bit of there and here, did it in cycles render (I bet my poor GPU were crying), but I’m still not sure about publishing it, I just afraid that i have to rework it all from the ground (which i don’t want to do at all).

Well, time for images and videos:

This is train retarder (i have feeling that in English it have different name…), I did this scene from the scratch. After project i added terrain, and rendered it in cycles.

This is switch gear. Original model done NOT by me (and I don’t know name of those people). This scene had so many mistakes, that i had to remodel and fix almost every single aspect here, some models were done from scratch, i spent more time with fixing this than with modeling retarder. Here, after project I applied displace texture on gravel and added grass (at least i’ve tried)

And at last: train traffic light:

Originally this was usual traffic light, but i moved and duplicated some parts to make it into one for trains, all things that I’ve done here by myself is a panel with “H” and that gray box with insides (boxes and wires).

So, what do you think? Should I fix and add something or i can already publish it?


To me, the renders look fantastic for industrial viz, but I’m no expert.

Apparently it does.

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Holy Crap! Why don’t you get a little professional?!!

So enlighten me - what do you mean, when say “professional”! Reveal to me a bit more focused information about how to make my works better. Because if you can’t, then I’m afraid but your comment by itself is not that professional

You obviously don’t get the intent. It was a compliment. Meaning it looked very professional, as is.