resume scene broken?

I tried the “resume scene” actuator and “scene.resume()” after I used “suspend scene”. neither seems to work.

The reason the scene might not be resuming is because you didn’t use an overlay scene to suspend the scene the gameplay is taking place in.

If you do it in the gameplay scene, then you find out that all of the logic processing has stopped which also prevents the execution of the logic to resume the scene. Using an overlay scene, the logic system is still running so you can call a resumption of the gameplay scene.

Well if you suspend a scene, it needs to be resumed from another scene. It’s quite logical; if the scene can’t process because the logic is essentially stopped, the logic can’t process a resume command.

It’s like pausing a movie, then taking the batteries out the remote and trying to unpause it. You have to use the TV.

EDIT: Ace Dragon beat me to it