Resume Smoke Baking restart it at the frame it stopped (2.93)

Hello Blenderers !

I’m currently doing an animation that requires a smoke domain at a high resolution (256), so i bake only like 100 frames to check if it looks good before to resume it.

The problem is, sometimes the baking re-strat from the frame it stopped at.

For example :

I bake the simulation from frame 1 to 100. I stop it (pressing Escap key), and if it looks good click on resume, so it keeps going from frame 101.

BUT, sometime, at frame 101, the bake start like it was at frame 0, so the beginning of the smoke simulation. Basically, from frame 1 to 100 i have the smoke starting to appear, then from frame 101 it start to appear again, instead of just following what was baked before.

Apparently, it happens only at high resolution (i did quick test at the default resolution of 32, no problem). Is tehre a way to fix this ? My PC takes a LOT of time to bake these 100 frames, so i’d prefer not to start over everytime

Thanks !