resuming a quicktime render?

I accidentally cancelled my 500 frame render of a quicktime movie and was wondering if there is a way to resume it?

This is the reason why you render in .tga´s. Then you wouldnt have this problem.

Sorry cant help you there. :-?

well thanks anyway. I decided to render from where it left off and then combine the two quicktime files. For future renderings, how would I change a bunch of tga’s into a movie file?

Use VirtualDub for AVI output or TMPGEnc for MPEG output. For MOV? Dunno. (Those are apps for Windoze, and I’m guessing your on a MAC? Sorry, not much help, am I, eh?) Also, I like using PNG instead of TGA for the compression & alpha support, altho I guess TGA supports those, too, eh?

TGA does support alpha, but it only supports runlength encoding for compression, which is pretty useless compared to PNG’s nice compression. PNG is definitely a good way to go for any stills.

Quicktime ought to handle converting still images to a movie just fine, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve played with it. Look for something like load or open an image sequence. VirtualDub is my program of choice for making an AVI.

If you have quicktime Pro you can easily combine the two together. I do this all the time on my Mac. Rendering to a list of TGAs will work too if you want to import into Quicktime Pro as a sequence. If you don’t have QTP, then, nothing to see here.

just if somebody else finds this post through serching in the forum: blender is able to join images to a movie file

sequencer window, shift-a, select images, drag to select all your images, open them, place your strip, select do sequence in the render buttons and then animate