Resuming animations from a half-done sequence

Is it possible to render, say, 50 frames, then close down blender, and start rendering again at the 50th frame, whilst still outputing to the same avi file ? I’d like to render part of a sequence, then come back to it later (I’m using particles with motion blur so rendering is slow). Or to do this, must I output to still pictures and combine them into an avi using another program ?

YES and NO



In the case your question was also HOW…

1 - Render those still images. It is a lot better, if you have a power failure you lose a frame, and don’t spoil the whole file, or a section of it

2 - Use Blender to create the movie from the images… who need an external program :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Go in Blender in the sequece editor window (film icon) add (SHIFT+A) all your images and then in the rendering button push ‘do sequence’ and anim!


Thanks ! I didn’t know Blender could create movies from stills. But when I render, nothing seems to happen for about a hundred frames, (the first image is displayed but no others) then the other frames are rendered. What am I doing wrong ?

Difficult to say…

look at the Sta and End buttons in the rendering toolwindow…

send the .blend, eventually…


Hmmm… I started over and it worked fine. No idea what I was doing wrong.
Oh well, thanks anyway !