Resurrecting Blender Library 1.3.4

I at this point am only working on the materials part of the plugin, due to the fact that that is what is most important to me, though in time I might work on the other aspects. I at this point have gotten it to load and save some materials and load them.

I had to remove any ’ from comments and strings and then had to delete line 1676…

1676 rc.enableUnifiedRenderer(1)

The line is part of an if then statement that has to do with pose and scene, so I believe that might have broken the pose import export functionality of the library…don’t know much about poses, but will test soon.

At this point I am still trying to learn the functionality of it and testing the loading and saving of materials. I have run into what might be a bug at this point that now matter the method of import from the library append/link it will not let me edit the material. I know that when linking the linked object/scene/material has protected settings or some such thing unless you take steps to allow it to be edited.

If anyone is interested in the code i can find a place to upload it. As such I have not seen anyone actively working to resurrect this script and have not seen Mariano Hidalgo post anything about working on it so I figured I’d give it a crack. If anyone knows otherwise let me know…dont like to spin my wheels and would honestly rather be modeling then coding :stuck_out_tongue:


What version of Blender Are you using ? It does not work in 247 and 248 it works ok in 246 but you have to remove that unified renderer line . It shows error something about non ASCII character and shows link

i replaced the ’ so it should work again and i commented out line 1676 as KineNan wrote and most of the script seems to work. here’s a dl link.