Resurrecting old threads

I wonder if it is possible, when someone clicks on the reply button, to check the date of the last post, and then have a little pop up that says:

This thread is over 6 months old. Are you sure you want to reply?

The pop-up wouldn’t show up if the last reply was less old than some cut off value, and it wouldn’t prevent someone from posting. It would just give a heads-up to someone who may have found the thread via a search or a link and not have noticed the dates.

that sounds like a realy good idea, iv often been sent to the forum through a google search and been about to reply before seeing the date.

im glad you suggested that it should not stop some one as in some cases it may be valid to post.

not sure if 6 mounth might be a bit too long though considering the amount of new threads that are posted each day?

Also, I dont think an old thread should be closed because someone revived it.

That just means, the thread will be started again, with a pointer to the old one. If the question is important to the viewer/poster.

I think the time limit is ok. Perhaps it should be dependant on when the last release of blender was? Maybe…

I highly agree:)