"Resurrection Chamber" (Terranigma 3D Remake)

Terranigma is an action RPG game for the Super Nintendo, and one of my favourite games ever. After replaying it again, I wanted to remake the following scene in 3D.
This is the “continent resurrection chamber” as it appears in the game. I took some liberties for my version like omitting Ark (the hero) since I’m not too good at modeling people yet. The bust of the angel is also a bit mediocre but fortunately it’s kinda far away. Pretty much all the detail work is in the textures, however, I couldn’t get the floating sphere of light quite the way I wanted it.
Here’s my remake.
Comments and feedback greatly appreciated!

wow! reeally nice. the resemblance is very good. i liked how you pulled it off

Hey, This looks great! I would love to see some other shots of it from different angles, or a small animated fly-through! My only 2 critiques are that the star in the floor needs to show a little reflection maybe, since Ark can stand on it. Also, the “ball of light” your talking about, i think thats the earth, but I’m not for sure…anyway, still great! Way better than anything i can do!

Yeah it look very nice…but I think the texture of orb on top is too stretched…