Retail fitout visualization


I’m currently still building up my skills trying to possibly freelance. I have completed a commercial interiors scene which I was happy with, so for this one for something different I thought I’d try a retail space. I was rendering the scene out to post in finished projects but just decided I wasn’t 100% happy with it so wanted to see what advice you guys might have.

The goal is an undefined/generic retail store. As the purpose would be to show it to shopfitters the goal is to show how good a rendering of their retail designs can look, so it’s not supposed to be clear what kind of shop this is - clothes, shoes etc.

I haven’t got my hearts set on those camera angles, they’re just to give you an idea on the space, or if you think I should use them in the final renders let me know. It also has some light compositing but open to suggestions if it’s underwhelming or over-the-top. Only other thing I know I need to fix is the UV mapping of the bricks to properly match the width of the feature wall.

Apart from that any ideas you put forward to improve the scene would be greatly appreciated! Onto the images!

Thanks guys!