Retarget Mixamo animation to a custom 3D model/rig?

Hi everyone,

Firstly, let me explain that I am pretty new to Blender and find the UI difficult at best. Secondly, I’m using Unity with models from Blender for a game. I’m not an animator, artist or 3D expert - just a hobbyist.

I have a character in Blender that has an armature that is fully compatible with the free Mixamo animations in Unity (idle, walk etc.) It works fine in Unity - but the problem I have is that the character has a couple of extra bones for hair locks that I need to animate whilst the character moves (using the Mixamo idle/walk animations.)

Unity retargets the bones accordingly to work with the Mixamo animation but ignores the extra bones as the Mixamo anim obviously has no animation information for them.

What I would like to do (or at least know if it’s possible!) is import the Mixamo free ‘walk’ animation, for example, into Blender on my game character so that I can add some animations for the hair bones to match the walking and look more realistic and less rigid.

What I don’t want to have to do is create a completely new walk cycle in Blender - I’m not an animator and it’ll look nowhere near as good as a Mixamo animation that I am able to customise slightly and it’ll take me forever to do as well.

I have no budget (this is a hobby, not a commercial enterprise) so if anyone has a solution that doesn’t cost $$$ then I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Anyone have any ideas then?

Well … I have upload characters and daz poser only in Mixamo.
But I saw that, Mixamo has door to blender, too.
see here:
On the other hand … If you are not uploaded any character, then choose a motion / go to the editor / save / download and then this motion in bvh, or … bvh and import this in blender, and see if will work. may need some adjustments only, but ideally upload your character there Mixamo, why then when back to blender, the animation will come out consistently.
Please let me know if it works for you.
good night

Hello, excuse me! forgot to post the link to “blender/Mixamo”
here it is:

FOr those in the future, we can still visite this link above. Though it does show some outdated info ofcourse.