Retargeting armature 1 to armature 2

Hey everyone,

I need some help with retargeting.

I have 2 different armatrues 1 and 2.

I want to copy for Bone 1,2,3 (armature1) the rotation and location to Bone 123 (armature 2). for bone 456 I want only to copy the rotation.

It would be great if its possible with phyton bc its more flexible and easier to use

Thanks for your help


There is a chapter with a file in my post here.

Thanks Skuax, but its not for what Im looking for.

I need a code where I can say:

add bone Constraiment copy location and copy rotation from armatrue 1 (bone 1) to armatrue 2 (Bone 1)

you are a lucky guy! it’s just out today.

I tried it out but its not working :frowning:

Didn’t try it yet. I ll test later. Surprising. But I m overbooked with 3d stuffs…