Retargeting Mixamo animations to Blender rig

I’ve been trying to retarget Mixamo animations to the standard Blender character rig without luck. Has anyone managed to do this and could share details on how to do it?

Bumping! :slight_smile:

I have no experience of this - sorry!

Cheers, Clock.

I have used the add on AutoRigPro retargeting feature to retarget Mixamo’s fbx animation to a rigify rig. It’s a paid addon.

You might try MakeWalk plugin from Make Human. It is free and works fine if your armatures are well setup.

I’v just got AutoRigPro and I cant setup controle bones wery well can you share your retaget file tnx ?

Hi! I Would also like to know how we can retarget the Mixamo animations to a character rigged with AutoRigPro. Any news, pointers, links or advice on this will be much appreciated!

To help with clarity, please specify which version of Blender, 2.78/ 79/ 80, and retargeting FBX or DAE?

And (in good spirit) methinks Rigify is not really “Blender in-house rig standard” in many ways… Its naming/ hierarchy/ gait don’t align with any common anim/rig standard. In some ways MBlab and MakeHuman rigs (and probably AutoRigPro rigs) are more “Blender standard”…

In any case, retargeting anything in 2.8, BVH or FBX or DAE, most people are on their own… I just found out the hard way Mixamo FBX rigs have disconnected bones, and MakeHuman 1.2 alpha no longer has the IK/FK snap panel.

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Have you checked out Artell’s “remap” videos?

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Thank you! Apologies for not being specific, i am using the latest 2.8 with the latest version of AutoRigPro and was trying to retarget Mixamo FBX animations. In any case i will check out the video ans if i can setup a workflow. At the moment i am looking at the AutoRigPro documentation again.