Retexture a model?

Hello, a friend of mine has a model of a vehicle that is is a .FBX file and is textured with .TIFF images. We are not good with this stuff, so we were wondering if someone would help us with retexturing the model with .JPEG versions of the texture files? Send me a PM with contact info, and I’ll give you the file. Thank you very much

Can you not just convert the tiff to jpg in any image editing software ?
By the way blender cannot import fbx files, only export them.

Well yes, I can convert them to JPEG easy. The thing is, I don’t know how to retexture the models. I did figure out that Blender doesn’t do FBX, but I do have an .obj version of the model and also a .3DS version. Would that help anyone out?

Ok, I managed to get a .wrl version of the model imported. I tried to follow a texture tutorial, but it didn’t seem to work. Any help please on how to put an image texture onto my model?

With all due respect, learn the basics of UV unwrapping on simple objects (cubes, cylinders, etc.) before trying to conquer a much more complicated task. This will give you a stronger learning base in the future and will not require you to beg for others to do tasks for you. I understand that learning 3D can be difficult in the beginning, especially seeing other people make really great work and, to make it worse, having access to some of it right off the bat. But getting yourself through the early stages where your work is mostly comprised of tutorials and modest experimentation is important. By all means, though, continue with your current project, just know that most of the information you’re seeking is found easily on Google and many people would love to help you with snags along the way, but most wont do it for you.