Retime - An Animation Scale That Doesn't Suck [2.92+]

Hey, story time! It was brought to my attention that retiming is a thing that Blender should do (, and I fell in love with the thing I never knew I needed. After months of fighting the python api experimentation it’s finally ready for 1.0.

Retiming is better than Scaling

  • It moves the items following the retimed items, so your animation stays tight and your markers stay useful.
  • You can edit while previewing the animation, as it’s independent of playhead position.
  • It’s defined in frames, rather than scale percentage, so you work how you think.
  • It has options for customizing behavior just how you’d like, such as automatically adjusting total animation length.

I’m pretty chuffed, animating feels fun now. If you have a bug or suggestion, let me know.