Retiring BLAM and announcing fSpy - a stand alone camera matching app

(stuffmatic) #61

Can you give an example of a use case where it’s good to have the exact sensor dimensions in Blender? Or is it just about the satisfaction of knowing the values match :slight_smile: ?

(Steffen Dünner) #62

It’s for several reasons, only a small part of it is “satisfaction” :wink:
Mainly it’s to avoid confusion later in a project and to be able to directly compare focal lengths of shots without having to think around the corner every time because the sensor size could be whatever big.
And it’s for verification purposes as well. When the meta data (in a perfect world it’s intact and hasn’t been mangled by a post production) says 50mm lens and you do your camera reconstruction magic with fSpy and it says “49,97mm” you know you’re on the right track.
If weeks later the DOP comes to your studio and asks you “what lens are you using in this shot?” and you tell him “erm, a 10mm” but the shot doesn’t look like a wide angle shot because the sensor size was set to “iPhone 4s”, that’s bad.
And I also don’t want to switch between scenes, wondering why the look is so different although the lens is the same. Oh, someone fiddled with the sensor size, grrrr.
We like to work super clean and if we have to create new cameras in 3D we always use 35mm full frame, just to get “real-world” focal lengths. Sometimes I have a director sitting next to me telling me “yeah, and now give me a top shot, 18mm” and with the right sensor he gets the intended look instantly.
Don’t know it that’s enough of an explanation, but it would help me a lot to get the same sensor size in Blender and fSpy.

(kkar) #63

Hey it would be nice if the exporter script also sets paths for the reference image and sets it as cam back in Blender.


(stuffmatic) #65

The first beta version is available for download!

From now on, please use the importer add-on to get your camera parameters into Blender.

(kkar) #66

Did you just swear at me ? :slight_smile:

(Nanomanpro) #67

Unfortunately, small pictures still cause the “zoom out” effect:

(iarga) #69

Two suggestions:

  1. Sometimes the object I want to model, is rotated with respect to the lines (axis) I use for matching the perspective.
    Is it possible to make the 3D guides rotatable? So the 3D guide has a local orientation (axis) that can be used to aline the camera (to an already made object in blender)?

  2. (fSpy importer) Because I want to use multiple matched views for one object, is it also possible to possition the image in an image-empty before the camera (instead of a background image)?
    Now I do this time-consuming job manually.

I think that both suggestions are difficult (and takes hours, days…) to program, so I don’t expect you to implement this. I thank you again for your time and skill to make this nice software.

(iarga) #70

Great tip for aligning the pespective matched image/camera and “help-cube” (together) to an actual model:

@Okavango’s “NP Station” addon (point_align)