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It seems in the race to constantly add new features or flesh out existing features Blender never has a stable release. The BCON release schedule seems forced: schedule some bug fixes for a few weeks then call it good. I stopped downloading any more builds after r44231 because of the jump to BMESH but that version is very buggy, has serious import issues with saved files from earlier versions and now I don’t know what to do. I could try to go backwards but I have no idea which build could be called ‘the most productive’. Unlike the Mango team, I don’t have a personal programmer to address problems as they come up.
I did it for 2.49 and I’m going to do it again: a call for a REAL production-ready Blender with a release-schedule based on a bug-fixes only. Not just a few weeks worth but based on some criteria of dependability.

(I know there are issues with trying to import earlier files into later Blenders but at what point am I supposed to accept that I have to rebuild an older asset from scratch? I’ve had major problems with basic lights and mesh not working at all. I open the earlier file, drop in a new cube, and it won’t even show up in the render! At one point I discovered that I could delete the cameras and create new ones to fix that problem, but that was pure luck)

Also, Outliner/‘Visible Layers’ is completely broken, doesn’t update at all when I change layers and seems to show some obscure subset of the ‘current Scene’ view, I think.

We haven’t yet released anything past 2.62. If you are are trying a build that has BMesh, it is by definition an experimental build (i.e. not for production use.) The best thing to do if you find a bug is make a report here:

That’s why it’s important to try the current development (and so experimental) builds, because it will then allow more bugs to be reported leading then in more chance to see them fixed and Blender getting stable.

Not reporting the bugs you find means that unless it is a very very obvious one that is impossible to not see, the devs may miss it and will then never fix it.

I’m really depressed I didn’t win the MegaMillions.

In all seriousness last weekly meeting they were concerned about getting the bug tracker down a bit- but bugs need to get reported first.

Blender 2.62, for the most part, is rock solid.

Don’t download a work-in-progress build and expect stability, especially from a build with B-mesh in it.

I personally think 2.63 should be put back a few weeks due to the amount of work involved, and the number of open bugs, but at the end of the day that’s up to the Foundation to call the shots.

I’m perfectly happy using 2.62, and in fact I have used it very recently for a few big projects, and it worked very well.

Just a tought, it would be nice to have a stable Blender version á la Linux where only bugfixes are backported and that gets an update adding new features much slower, after they have stabilised. But the amount of management that would take is probably prohibitive.

I changed from 2.49 to 2.5 and to my surprise my rigs and special setups including dozens of drivers and maybe hundreds of constraints were without a glitch, just found that more useful constrains and easier to setup drivers are available in 2.6x+ and obviously “refactored” those rigs…
I guess I was just lucky, but if you want to make a script based proyect or rig, get ready to tweak it every new version…scripts are indeed broken every new version…because of deprecated x or new order of y. Tell me about the dang Copy bone weights script…by instance.

Posts like this are near usless,
… yes we know blender needs to be stabalized.
… no we wont push the release out with so many bugs.
… yes we are working very hard to fix them…

So! if there is a problem please spend time to test a recent build and write a bug report, or wait until a stable release (keeping you’re fingers crossed that someone else found and reported the bug).

I was recently tasked to get import/export working again, AFAIK it IS working, until someone reports a bug to show its not.

Shadowphile seems to work with 2.49.
IMO, he is more complaining about 441 blender 2.5 ToDos. This list seems to increase a little at each release.

It is understandable. Blender have new features at each release.
Could you include a review of older ones in release cycle ?

Shadowphile seems to work with 2.49.
IMO, he is more complaining about 441 blender 2.5 ToDos. This list seems to increase a little at each release.
I suppose he doesn’t mind that these are bugs/todos that will be fixed rather than the hundreds of currently open bugs in 2.4x that will never get fixed.

Man, if that’s what makes you depressed, I’d hate to see what’d happen under actually depressing circumstances.

I mean that he is switching and frustated by workflow changes and 2.4 missing features.
Some 2.5 todos could be 2.4 missing functionality like Non Proportionnal Length for Edge Slide.

Although next release will include Bmesh. It would not be in 2.64.
It is not something like a blender internal halo bug.

Sorry to have left such a misleading email! I’m already dealing with overwork exhaustion from job, and I was trying to use Blender for relaxation on a long-term personal project, which has been an issue this week, sorry to let that spill over.
I jumped from 2.60 to 2.62 release recently and encountered serious problems in my project.

BTW, this topic immediately got muddied by comments that are totally wrong. Never said I’m using 2.49, been on the 2.5/2.6 wagon since the releases. Which, btw, I love.

But to clarify: Without bugs, should I expect to open or link to blend files going back to 2.49 and expect them to work? I’m sure 2.62 is solid IF one starts modeling from scratch; it’s protecting my assets from the past that concerns me.

But even the release versions have bugs, can’t stop that. I download post-release builds only to catch later bug-fixes. Is that bad? Should I stick to official releases only and live with the known bugs until the next official release? It seems that even if I report a bug I should not attempt to use the committed fix until the next official release anyway.

Again, apologies to all, I try to only post constructively, failed on this one!

Indeed if loading files from 2.49 gives bugs, it’s quite valid to report those :slight_smile:

ok, did some tests with original releases going all the way back to 2.46!
Found out the culprit was the startup.blend file that I’ve been copying forward into new config folders so I don’t have to rebuilt my user prefs, especially the themes. I started doing it during 2.5 when the GUI started getting really detailed and monochrome, harder for me to work with interface. (I color-code each kind of panel differently, unlike most of the themes I’ve seen, so rebuilding the theme was a chore)
Now, since the startup.blend is just another blend file I figured there wouldn’t be a backwards-compatibility issue, but either there was an issue at one point (probably been propagating the same startup.blend since late 2.5x, not sure), OR…I accidentally saved over it with an experimental build that did have issues. One thing that has been a learning process is how to safely manage blender when working on the same project over a fairly large number of releases, especially since I’ve been inclined to play with graphicall builds as well. Guess the lesson here is that I need more strict usage discipline if I want to use Blender productively, even though I’m not commercial or anything.

This would be a nice sticky btw for those of us not disciplined by a professional environment or career. I tried doing a search here for ‘startup.blend’ and got a bewildering list of posts for every topic under the sun, so if this has been discussed before, where is it?

Just curious if you know about the scripts they came up with to fix stuff that got broken by later updates, there’s currently two of them under the help menu?


Also it would be preferable to ask questions in the support section so this doesn’t devolve into a support thread so other people can easily find the solutions.

use the support section: noted. (although my original post was more of an appeal because I thought I was dealing with real bugs)

scripts that fix things instead of adding new functionality? Not aware of that, thanks, I’ll look.

still think a blatant sticky about how use blender properly would be useful, what with all the development being there on graphicall for us to get ourselves into trouble with :slight_smile: I know some of that is in the ‘how to report a bug’ instructions, but maybe a sticky would bring that knowledge forward to the user level to prevent people like me from disturbing developers with bugs that aren’t bugs. Or am I the only one that has these problems? Maybe I have just enough technical knowledge to get myself into trouble :slight_smile:

Was trying to port a import script for Rigs of Rods files which was for 2.492 as last compatible version but just got the python changes resolved (print) but not the file selector part to use it in 2.62. So i had to install older python and 2.492 for win7.
So far didn’t got serious issues on other parts of blender.

@shadowphile, even though your tone has changed, I still know so little about the problems you hint at- that there is nothing a developer can do to help.

you say that you are not mango project and don’t have devs to support you, but in fact you do have devs willing to look into your bugs if you would only report them.

So - I read your posts, think. wow, that should get fixed - man we are idiots if thats still broken… bummer I cant do anything because there is no info on the bug or how to redo it :S


… or I will post here “Really depressed about the state of blenders users” :slight_smile:

Seriously, i hate posts like this too. The blender devs have fixed nearly every bug ive ever submitted. In fact, the only ones that havent been fixed are in areas that are currently “orphaned” like collada.

Understand, everyone, that we are the beta testers. We can all contribute to its stability.