Retopo for Low Poly with good wire

instead of Decimate, why don’t we use that technic to have a clean wire :

Here is a video i made with entire retopo of Suzane but without détails.

Or maybe with point cloud to mesh ?

I was experimenting trying to do something like that to add quad topology doing a grid and then projecting with knife project. I think mine was a bad idea and it has not worked.

I see that you have used a mesh with good topology as Suzane. Do you get good results with an object with bad topology?

I just have that idea to make it with bad topology like a cloud data of a scanned object like with the Kinect.
The idea is to have a good wire, for exemple my car as some hole on the surface. With that technic a can select easly the vertices and i can align them. (loop cut, ect…) and make a better wired object with quads.
I don’t know if it work fine with horrible mesh but i’ll try. If it’s the same script that make the Union boolean for the surface detection, it would work. I will tell you that.

Ok, a try on a face of a bad photogrametry work :

Sorry, there is an issue with the links you provided
I suggest you to alter all these.
Otherwise, your post is interesting.

Ah, sorry.
Was it the first three pictures ? i altered that, thanks for reported me that.