Retopo Help

Hi, I can’t seem to get the plane to retopo onto the mesh, could anyone help me? I’ve attached a screen shot of my work.


retopo need object with lots of surfaces to work well otherwise the results might not be as expected?

i think you don’t ahve enough faces such that it can work very well

but if you have only a square it should lay down following the surface on which it’s being retopo
look at theses vid

it should give you more ideas

Is the plane part of the same object as the other thingie? That won’t work, because retopo projects things onto all visible non-active objects. Use P to split, go to object mode, edit the other object with retopo, then select both the objects (original ones last so it’s active) and hit ctrl-j.

Also, while it will work with any number of surfaces, it only projects each vertex in the retopoed object.So if you want to have that plane curve around, you’ll need to subdivde it, more times in y than in x (like do a 6x loop cut one way and a 2-3x loop cut the other way.) Otherwise, it will remain flatish, though the corners will lay on the object’s mesh, the rest will go inside of it.


Edit 2: Star Weaver beat me to it :slight_smile: but at least I got nice picture:)

Edit3: something real important: turn off retopo once you have executed what you needed else all kind of werid things seems to happen, I have made that mistake a couple of time.

I am quite a newb but I have used retopo some…

A: I have not done successfully a retopo from within the same object, I usually retopo a mesh to a different object then join the mesh if it is my intention.

B: I also noticed retopo refusing to work, but swaping to face mode would work instead of vertices.

C: if you try to retopo your plane to the object below, the object will “sink” untill the very edge encounter the other object edge, it wont “wrap” around it if it’s not subdivided enough and this will most certainly happen in your case.

EDIT: Please note the post continue in the next post as I cannot post more then 6 images at a time.

2 objects, the plane to be retopoed in edit mode face select

Top, pressed retopo

The plane as sank into the other object until the edge collided with the other object.

New try:
This time I subdivided the plane (6 times), all faces selected.

Top view


And because I cant post more then six image :slight_smile:

The result:

So I dont know what is the problem you have or the desired result, but at least you can see how I use it.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies, I don’t have time right now to try it out but will soon.

Thanks DarkDays66, it works now.