Retopo_MAT is a retopology tool that aids in the creation of clean topology and mesh clean-up by providing convenient tools to make this possible. And it is well integrated with Blender, so it feels very natural.
Download Retopo_MAT:

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I am very attracted to the X-Ray mode, similar to 3DS Max’s.

have it too but it only works in edit mode, not object mode.

What about yours ? Does it work in Object mode as well ?

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Yeah it works in object mode too

If my lowpoly mesh (not highpoly) has 50k triangles, is it work well ? I want to ask this because I bought an addon called PolySource which also has retopology mode. But whenever my mesh has more than 10k tris, the viewport will be laggy and unsable. In your demo video, I can see your lowpoly mesh has only ~2k tris.

Seems like Retopo_Mat has been updated :

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