Retopo MT

will try when I come home from work.

So tirinng all the breaking addons for 2.79, going to study some python scripting this weekend so maybe I can fix these things myself :slight_smile:

2.79 when I attempt to enable. Looks like a no-go.

Spoke too soon! Commented out

global g_SavLens

so it now looks like:

global g_SavPersp g_SavPersp = bpy.context.space_data.region_3d.is_perspective
if(bpy.context.space_data.region_3d.is_perspective == False):
#global g_SavLens
g_SavLens = bpy.context.space_data.lens

and it enables. Seems to work? First attempt to use it fails though. Could just be I’m doing something wrong.

Thanx for greate addon! it is very handy. Can somebody please help me to understand those things about it:

  1. There is a description (under “OLD” caption) " I asked him to add the topogun style of making faces. You can see that at 10 minutes 51". How to activate this function in retopo mt?
  2. how to activate the function of adding faces as in topogun (there is a video about this “add faces topogun”)
  3. In review video the polygons can be deleted in retopo mt mode but I did not find the way to delete the polygon (X key as in instruction not work for this).
  4. What white spots means? white spots blocks the way of the next polygons row. How can it be use?
  5. relax brush not working when I press “Q” key it’s just exit the retopo MT mode.

is this addon still being worked on? I’m having an issue with auto merge, where it doesn’t merge all of the vertices, and I can only undo once

There is no Bsurface in 2.8 is there?
So does that mean a lot of addons that use it, cant continue ?


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Oh hah nice, Thanks
I had no idea it was still around
I assumed it was some old addon in 2.7 series that wont ever see an update

The new bsurface is not usable on my last test, it don’t work.
We have to wait a little more it seems.

And retopo MT will not be updated until the dev will do it.

Idk bout that, seems to work fine
I didn’t know but its already inside the Blender builds

Is an update for Blender 2.8 planned ?

You may want to check a few posts up:

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I think the bsurface already work stable in blender 2.80 rc. can we lookforward something good news? :smile:

I’m not the dev guys, I cannot update the addon, I’m not good enough sadly.

It will be good to see this updated, please @Meta-Androcto can you have look ?

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Update addon to Blender 2.80.
There are still some problems, but the main functionality works.


Boom! This is great :slight_smile:

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Is there an update for Blende 2.93?
I just installed the addon, works like a charm. Pressed Q and the entire Blender quit. (crashed).
This is a great addon. Could we get an update, please?


I’m not the dev of the addon and it has been added to blender addons directly if I recall (not sure), it’s up to them to update it to 2.93.

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Awesome! thank you. I will check it out.
Indeed, I can see it listed on the blender addons natively!!