Retopo MT

Looks really promising :slight_smile: I hope you will make sure that the shortcuts are modal and modifiable.

EDIT: I see that rhyging5 has the same issues as I :wink:

should be in trunk one day imo - definitely improves blender ALOT :smiley:
Either this or the other one- at least one official retopo tool gives blender a huge edge over other software.

But this being in trunk will sort of make the countours/polystrips developers sweat, since it is really competitive in terms of functionality and speed… even has some features that polystrips does not… not to mention that it seems faster to use :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like that it is in terms of design very different from polystrips- the approach is closer to what I’m used to doing with bsurfaces and the grease pencil.

In the end it’s up to the developer and competition is always a healthy thing. I like the way retopology is addressed in this plugin and cant wait to use it… Would donate to its fund if the pricing is reasonable or I get to use it over countours, which I already bought.

Yep, I also want a retopo tool in blender, not an addon, but right now, we only have addons, so we have to deal with it.

Each addons of retopo are made for the same purpose and every one can copie features of others.
In this retopo MT, I pick all the features I like to topogun etc, modify it for the blender workflow and improve it if possible.

On think I had in mind was to found some devs, some users and make some groups to creates tools for Blender, outside of the BF for exemple.
I would be a great oportunity for Blender to add some tools made by the community like we did with retopo MT for exemple.
But for that it need a great dev and core users who know what they want and why they want thoses tools.
Small groups of peoples for addons will be great.
Iceking has a great addon and his original idea was really great, so we picked the idea and make this tool.

The purpose of Retopo MT is to make a retopo tool as fast and simple as possible.
We can go far with it and contour/polystrip can go far too with a different way of making retopo.

It is absolutly inspiring and confiable! If you make a site for this donations, maybe it begins to run faster :wink:

Will be possible to create edge loops while retopoing? The best would be a modal operator inside edit mode perhaps?

Since we have to wait for the dev, there is no point of making a site, I don’t know if we want receive donation too.

marcoG_ita, look at the first post I put a roadmap for the tool I would like to be inclued. :wink:
This roadmap is the minimum for the first version I think.

@pitiwazou: really nice initiative.

and close to what i have in mind, brush based retopology. also a suggestion for this tool to have a seamless relationship with edit mode, since not everything in retopo has to stick to the reference object. also take a look at Maya’s Quad Draw retopology tool and 3ds Max’s Graphite Modelling Tools’ retopology capability for added reference.

thanks for the effort man, viva la revolucion!

This sounds promising,
I’m excited to see this develop :slight_smile:
Rock on :RocknRoll:

Cheers, (ô¿ô)

For the edit mode, it’s why I propose this.

Like that, We are sure that we could enter in the retopo mode easily from the edit mode or object mode.
And maybe why not use you freeze tool to not move the vertex who are not on the surface.

It’s the problem of topogun, you cannot edit outside the surface, it’s why I use Blender.

This looks like the best retopology tool for blender so far. I tried the CGcookie addons, and those are by far not so usefull by now, although they are a good start.

here video with some nice ideas (RMB and save as…)

Diamant tool is great, I used it when I worked on Maya.
The ability to modify the mesh and relax is great.

looks really cool!
it would be awesome to be able to customize hotkeys to make everything work with custom navigation, etc :slight_smile:

also something like flow connect would be great ^^

This is incredible!!, Wow, I’m amazed, this should be in trunk! x), how hard is to implement a “relax all and recalculate points on the fly with respect of the HD geometry”

will it be possible to use the tools without a reference mesh for “regular” modeling as well btw? :slight_smile:

oh, and this tool has some nice features as well btw.!!

I want this!!

We all want this tool, but no one said it would donate TO the developer to fix His Computer to continued working on it

Just need to wait ^^
He will by a new computer in December.

Good idea the customize hotkeys :wink:

how about a polyflow tool like this one sometime you need an specific area to flow in a different direction

beter if we all give some of money this guy for good new pc and poot this tool in stable relize next blender. If its posible have retopo menyu in blender like skulpt or edit. After this i leave modo and come only in blender.