Retopo or redo?

Sorry, can’t resist a catchy subject line :slight_smile: But it’s pretty close to the mark.

I have this pseudo-tree (attachment 1). Over it you can see a squashed sphere, which I would like to lower into the branches in such a way that it melds itself around the branches.

So I’ve been waiting for a chance to try retopo out, but as you can see when I slide it into the branches it looks great, until I rotate the view. Reading up on retopo I understand now that it uses the depth buffer, and playing with it I understand this, now.

But is there any way to do what I want to do? I assume there is, because thus far it seems like Blender can do, like, anything.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Just realized that my second pick doesn’t look too bad on first inspection. Here’s the top view, where you can really tell that the transform just happened in one direction.


A cloth modifier or soft body won’t work?

It sounds like your trying to get retop to do something its not designed to do. All retopo does is project the points of your mesh away from the view port until they hit the target object. Id try Toddeus’s suggestion and go with cloth or softbodies.

how about record phisics and let the object go down untill hit the plant thing?

Ok, thank’s y’all, that’s what I was looking for! I’ll read up and learn how that stuff works, and let you know how it goes (for posterity’s sake).

Ames89–record physics? I can’t find that anywhere, could you post a link or something?

Ok folks, your solid advice has yielded me a funky tree, attached.

I gotta say…soft body modeling is just completely bitchin’! I have found a new obsession…