Retopo Pushing Through Object

I’m running into a problem using Retopo. When retopo is applied to selected vertices they do indeed take the shape of the background mesh. However, they don’t stop at the background mesh; they project through and beyond, stopping eventually.

The screen shot below is the result after applying retopo to the bottom ring of vertices on a cylinder. You can see that they conform to the shape of the background mesh, but they are projected through and don’t land on the background mesh itself:

The .blend is at

Thanks for any help!

You have a very high value of 100000 for “Clip End” in the view properties. I lowered this to 100 and retopo behaved as expected.

Such high view clipping values cause problems even in the 3d display, I’m not sure if blender is just not meant to tolerate such values or if there is a bug in play here somewhere.

Nice find! That’s definitely the problem.

Thanks for the help!