Retopo tool?

Have then implemented a retopo tool in v2.5 yet? (Impress an object into a plane)


see 2.5x projection snapping

And I think you can convert Grease Pencil drawings into meshes. Or is this a planned feature?

Hmm, this does not do anything for me under Windows. I am using Blender 2.5 SVN 26302. I enabled snapping, face,snap_project

Make sure you have project elements instead of snapping ON. I’m running official 2.5 Alpha 0 on OSX and it works.

@ Campbell
one question about the snapping function! In general it works fine! but I’ve made a retopo vor a high resolution sculpt, and the performance of the snapping function was somehow crappy.
I think I remember that retopo in 2.49 was qucker.

May you say something about this? Will this still be polished. Or may it even be an unknown issue?

Greetings Andreas

It does not work for me fully, nomatter which option I try. I assume that the “project elements” option is the icon that is between “the camera” and the "snap target’ icons. Sometimes it seems to work for a bit then when I reopen the file I cannot get the snapping back. Quite confusing

Please bring back the old Retopo tool. I do not mind having new tools but previous topo tool has its own quirks but it works well for certain kinds of jobs.

Edit: I will also investigate my models in case there are some issues with the scale of the models and projection.

There’s a caching issue with the current method. It rebuilds some acceleration structures too often.