retopo trouble

Well i m having a trouble with the process of retopo. i did sculpt a cube then i did extrude faces from a new plane with retopo. but i m stuck with a really stupid problem. once i did the half of the face the mirror modifier don t work properly. the duplicate model is slightly rotate. I suppose that it s because all my vertices in the center are not alligned. So, did someone know a fonction so as flaten all vertices along x and move all this vertices on yz plane? or a workflow to move all the select vertices on only one axes with abolute value?

If I understood you right, you’re trying to assign a specific value to the X coordinate of a set of vertices, without affecting the Y and Z values of these vertices?

If so,

  • Set the scaling mode to “median point”
  • Select the desired vertices in edit mode
  • Run the command “S X 0” (scale along global X, factor of 0)
  • All points will now have the same X value - if you want to change that X value you can do it by changing the value in the “transform properties” dialog (N key) or by moving them manually along the X axis (“G X”)Is that what you’re looking for?