Retopoflow addon make part of UI flickering

Current im on Blender 3.1. Addon v 3.2.6.
Windows 10. GPU is RTX2060. Latest Game Ready Drivers (doesnt try Studio one yet).
But actually, i remember how i was try to use in on 2.92, and there was the same issue.

Basically everything works. Viewport itself doesnt have any problems, glitches, etc.
But somepart of UI (marked in screenshot) are immidiately start flicker. It doesnt matter what you doing, moving mouse or not, use some tools or not. It constantly flickering. And its flickering really intense. Its literally absolutely impossible to work with that flickering cause you eyes will melt in less than a 5mins.

Maybe some one else expirience this issue?

After trying different addon versions, installing different GPU drivers i found that changing screen resolution from native 4k to anything below solve the problem. So it looks like its problem with high DPI monitors.

How this can be solved?
I didnt see any settings in the addon related to this. I guess basically just disabling those kind of “dithered” pattern whioch addon create to slightly “vanish” Blender UI will solve the problem.