Retopoflow - make mesh less transparent?

I’m using Retopoflow and cannot find a way to make the retopo mesh less transparent. Is there a way to hide the part of the mesh that is behind other things? I’m referring to the retopo mesh that I’m working on, not the sculpted form under it. It’s difficult to work with all the vertices in the background. I see settings for Alpha Above and Alpha Below, but they seem to have no effect on the transparency. Thanks!

We just recently found a bug in the rendering code. It has been fixed in the latest version. While it’s not officially released yet, you can try it out by using the updater system (doc) to check out v3.2.6.

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Thank you for your reply, gfxcoder. I checked the updater system, and the highest version shown is v3.2.5, which is what I have. To clarify what I said before, Alpha Below only hides the back of the piece I’m working on, but not all the other parts in the background. For example, if I’m working on the back of a hand, it will hide the front of the hand, but not the rest of the body which stays bright behind what I’m working on. Thanks for that info, and I’ll keep checking periodically to see if I can access 3.2.6 yet.

@MelodyJane, you will need to type in v3.2.6 into the Advanced: Commit / Branch field, then click Install. Or, you can use this link to download the zip. If you use the link, try removing RF from Blender first, then install using the zip.


Thank you so much, gfxcoder! That solved everything and I’m so happy! This will be much easier now :wink: I really appreciate your help!