Retopoflow - when?

Since the release of 2.8 I was thinking: ok, now I only need this retopoflow plugin to have a nice workflow in Blender. But a year and a few months passed and it’s still in alpha or beta, anyone has any info when this is going to be released?
I need this plugin.
As for now I use 3d coat for retopo.

I was wondering the same, I have the feeling it has a lot of issues and devs are overwhelmed or stopped caring.

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You should ask to the developer directly, since the add-on is a commercial one, and they allow direct comunication with their users; this add-on has nothing to do with Blender Devs. (It seems CG Cookie devs doesn’t visit this forum frecuently or at all, since some time ago.)

Why? I thought that cgcookie is a prominent proponent of Blender community.


Unfortunately (at least, this is my opinion), it has been decided that Retopoflow would have its own interface. I guess, it has been designed this way to help the user focus on the viewport and on the retopology tools (but IMO, it also brought some annoying drawbacks):

  1. The RetopoFlow UI obfuscates the rest of the Blender window (hiding other Blender toolbars and panels)

  2. It makes it impossible to use other tools at the same time, such as the Poly Build tool, or even other addons (retopology or not), addons that are usually displayed in the N panel sidebar.

  3. It also prevents the user to perform ordinary hotkeys such as CTRL+R (Loop Cut), or any of the hotkeys used by the “3D Viewport Pie menus” addon, nor custom hotkeys.

  4. Pressing “X” brings up Retopoflow’s own “Delete menu”. It removes the ability to use addons like Auto-Delete (which automatically detects if a vertex/edge/face has to be dissolved or deleted).

  5. Changing the Viewport Shading while doing Retopology is no longer possible…

It’s a commercial addon but the developers also published it on Github, letting users test it and report bugs.

To install Retopoflow 3 from Github:

  1. Download the ZIP of the Github repository (b280 branch): (CODE > DOWNLOAD ZIP)
  2. Unzip the file “”
  3. Delete the “” file (to only keep the folder)
  4. Rename the folder “retopoflow-b280” to “retopoflow”
  5. When browsing the “retopoflow” folder, you will notice that the “addon_common” subfolder is empty.
  6. Go to and download the ZIP of the repository (CODE > DOWNLOAD ZIP).
  7. Unzip the “” file and copy its contents into the “retopoflow\addon_common” folder (this sub-folder must contain 7 elements: 4 folders and 3 files)
  8. Then delete the “” file that you no longer need
  9. Rezip the “retopoflow” folder and install the addon normally in Preferences > Addons > Install by selecting the “” file
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Retopoflow 3 edited 7 days ago. It doesn’t require anything special to install it. Go to the page at the first link above.

Where are the tutorials?

Am I tripping or Retopoflow 3 is finally released?!

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Cool, I was using the beta. Hope this fixes some bugs.


Appears to be released. I did not get an email. But it is in my account.

I was waiting for this since 2.8 release. I wonder why there are no parades in the streets over it.
I stumbled upon the new version occasionally by checking Blender Market.

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Right. I have been waiting as well. I am surprised I did not get an email.

On the 2020 Bcon tape Johnathen Williamson (cofounder of retopoflow and CG Cookie admitted that he was spending a lot time starting up a brew shop, I think he is not concerned with supporting blender anything including retopoflo much as a few years ago.

This is bad news…

I only just bought Retopoflow now because of my concerns on how buggy it was despite the high price. Retopoflow feels awkward for some reason. It bothers me how it has to have it’s own ‘special’ interface that’s separate from the standard UI. I feel like it should have been its own Editor Type or 3D editing mode to make it feel independent from Blender while maintaining a consistent feel of workflow. Also, the time that it takes for Retopoflow to load feels discouraging to quick switch between modes. I think that Retopoflow will need to be made from the ground up again in the future.

Still, it’s the best option for a more natural retopo workflow.


There are on the CG-Cookie Youtube Channel…

also on the suggested sidebar, you can find many other vids from other users.

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I noticed I am getting emails in my junk for retopoflow. They released an update for 3.0

There’s this one too. I can’t tell if this is a good purchase or not.
On another hand, Topogun 3 looks amazing.

I think it need some serious artist testing, and I’m personally not a fan of the separate mode (with slow loading) or lack of useful hotkeys. I wouldn’t recommend this right now!

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I saw topogun 3 videos and didn’t see literally anything amazing. It’s the same crap but packaged as separate repoto tool. 3DCoat retopo even better than that amazing topocrap 3.

Very mature way of carrying on this conversation…


Did someone here try to use retopoflow?
I have retopo mesh and I want to make some fixes, but it seems like retopoflow doesn’t have the feature to correct existing mesh.