Retopolgy Snap Not Working Properly?


I attached a screenshot. I am trying to re-topologise the mesh in the image but as you can see the new faces and verts are not snapping to the face surface, some of them have gone inside the mesh… any ideas?

Faces don’t snap to the surface, vertices do. Since edges connect one vertex to another vertex, if that edge has to go through the mesh, then it will.

The image looks correct to me as shown. If you can show a specific error attach the blend file

You can enable xray in the object properties to show the mesh you are working on, but that brings some problems of its own re: the other side showing thru. Hiding is necessary.

It looks like the verts are snapping to the surface. What you see going inside the mesh are not verts.

thanks for the responses. i have got quite a bit further, but now im struggling to close the mesh off because i can’t see some of the verts. If i put in wireframe mode, the complex sculpted mesh is showing as well and clutters the display…

see post #3

ok got that point, but also the retopologised version doesn’t seem to now match the underlying mesh properly, its smaller in some places and bigger in other… so in my opinion it hasn’t actually snapped to the mesh at all, its snapped inside it. Real pain to get this right

If your vert count is too small, the areas in between verts is going to be inside the curved surface of the original model. A polygon does not bend around anything. It’s a flat plane between 3 or more verts. The verts are the only thing that will snap to the surface, not the faces of the polygons.

just select your new mesh, click on x-ray in the properties > object buttons > display panel, and you’ll be able to see what you are doing better.

See this video:

this video is the continuation of this other

From the first screen shot you provided, it appears you were placing your verts at the low points on your model. So of course the re-topo is going to appear smaller: it is smaller. If there are some places where the mesh appears larger, you have undoubtedly done the opposite – placed your verts at the high points instead.

In order to get a good result from re-topologizing a sculpted model, you have to follow the original mesh’s curves, peaks and valleys alike. You can’t put in faces just anywhere, or think “I’m going to try to make my faces about the same size to reduce the vert count.”

One of the new function implemented in Blender 2.69, “Hidden Wire” is usefull for retopo in combination to Xray :
(note : you need to be in Solid display for it to work, not in Wireframe display)

Oooo, good tip Sanctuary! That could be very useful.