I created retopology for my high resolution model. The problem with that the faces are smaller. I watched some tutorials and compare to to their model mine has more vertex. looks like something like
my question is- is retopology with more edge loops and faces going to affect the texture or anything?

No, more edge loops should not adversely affect the texture.

Thanks for your answer. @skywolfblue
i have one more question does it matter if your retopology is a Little bit of from the high res model? (i use snapping btw)


That’s the nice thing about retopology. Your retopologized mesh is going to be different then the high-res mesh. (Which is a good thing, you don’t need or even want it to be the same as the high-res because the high-res was slow and too detailed to begin with!)

From about 31min mark onwards he covers how to bake the details from the high-res to the low res mesh.