Retopoligy question. Am i on the right track?

Hallo ive sculpted the head of a small infant. Now im trying to retop it but am uncertain if im on the right track. That is because im making it more detailed than the normal retops ive found online. I’m making the mesh denser because of the details around the mouth.

Heres a picture


WAAY too much geometry…

do a lot of research on face topology, and get the most important loops first… then fill inn.

Your geometries need to be squared as much as possible on the general shape. Then increase the details by adding rings close to the detail’s edges.

Watch this video to get the idea :

Otherwise you may search for the “retopoflow” tool, it would certainly help you.

Here is a very nice video there show how to do it…With GP and Skrinkwrap modifier…:slight_smile: