Retopologizing Dytopo Sculpt

I sculpted my game character and now I am trying to move to the point where I’m ready to paint it. Problem is that if I retopo the mesh to where I can get a correct uv map for painting, I will lose much of the fine geometrical details. I fear that the loss of geometrical detail won’t allow me to properly paint the mesh how I would like it. I’m trying to retopologizing it, but I’m not getting the high poly mesh I want, or the uv map I need.

The meaning of retopo is all about minimizing the vertices amount and add some map later to fake those details. You want to have your model as low poly as possible for a better performance, and then bake those details.

I know that. I am talking about correctly TEXTURE PAINTING the diffuse color details. Should I do something with the sculpted mesh so I can paint it correctly, or paint the low poly and try to use a normal map as a guide?

BTW, I tried doing the shrink wrap / subdivision modifiers in order to get a clean high poly version of the sculpt, and some of the areas actually end up projecting badly.

I am talking about the issue of TEXTURE PAINTING. I have created a low poly version, but I am afraid that If i texture pain the mesh, I might incorrectly paint certain details due to the lack of geometrical detail (like the seeds). I am struggling between painting the details correctly due to geometry and being able to uv map and texture paint a remeshed high poly version without any fustrations.