Retopologizing Sculpt for Hard-Surface

I had some questions on retopologizing my sculpts which are essentially going to be hard-surface (robots, mechs, and that sort of thing). I never have any issues with organic stuff but for some of my hard-surface work I find it faster to sculpt out my concepts. I will then take that concept and use it as a 3D reference as I edge model the clean version. Now this workflow is great but I wanted to know if it is possible to do retopologizing on the actual sculpt but in a cleaner way. The main issue I found when I tried this was the surfaces are not smooth and flat enough so you get a lot of variance face to face which is horrible for hard-surface. I’ve used the snap feature as well as shrink wrap, pretty much the same work flow as I would do taking an organic high poly and making it a low poly mesh for baking, animation, ect…

Is there a preferred way to approach this? Or should I just continue doing what I’ve always done…? Which is to make my sculpt as a reference, then edge model the final version while utilizing sub-surf.

Thank you!

I toyed around with this some more and I’ve found that as long as I make larger polygons to get the general shape, then turn off all the snap and wrap options I can work with the retopo’d mesh way easier and it retains a good shape. :slight_smile:

My mistake was I was using smaller quads so it captured the surface too much, now I just stretch polygons from edge to edge then add in my sub-surf and it’s good.

If anyone has anything else to add let me know. I found the edge loop way in doing this too time consuming.

I’ld recommend you retopo the general shape before and at the last stage you add the bevels, either by hand or by bevel modifier.