Retopology and Face Distortion

Hi guys,

After starting with blender a year ago I’m finally ready to do my own game assets.

After watching many tutorials about retopology and trying some models myself I came across Mesh Analysis in blender and now I wonder if face distortion of quads is much of a problem.

I realized that it’s nearly impossible to do retopology (by hand) without at least some distortion, if I want to stay close to the hipoly model.

As I understand quad distortion is bad if you generate film sequences but it’s not so much of a problem if you’re going to export your models into a game engine, since quads get triangulated anyway.

Any advice on this? How do you work around face distortion when doing retopology?

Thanks in advance


Doesn’t generally matter. Problems arise when polygons are severely non-planar, which should probably be dealt with better topology for the form. Another way is to add more geometry

if you’re worried about a quad being non-planar, line up your view so you’re looking along it’s edge. if it looks like a v it may create artifacts. if it looks fairly flat, you’re safe.